Bama by Drone: UAV captures beautiful aerial video of Tuscaloosa campus

If anyone asks you why the University of Alabama was named one of the United States’ “50 Most Beautiful College Campuses,” refer them to the video above.

Here’s what had to say about UA’s Tuscaloosa campus:

The 1800 acre Alabama campus features many Greek Revival buildings. Several buildings (4) on the campus, including the President’s home, were all built pre-Civil War, survived the conflict, and are still used today. The center of the campus is the Quad, fronted by a campanile equipped with a 25-bell carillon. The campus includes many cultural centers, including an art museum, a Natural History museum, the Allen Bales Theater, Marion Gallaway Theater, Morgan Auditorium, and the Frank M. Moody Music Building. The University also runs an arboretum.