This Indiegogo-funded drone startup just raised $10M from VCs before its campaign has even ended

  December 30, 2014 4:30 AM The Ghost drone, which has raised more than six times its campaign goal on Indiegogo weeks before its deadline, has raised some even bigger funds. Ehang, the company behind Ghost, is announcing it has raised $10 million in new funding to expand its teams in China and Silicon Valley […]

Google Drones In Ecommerce

Google (GOOG) is one company which has left no stone unturned in the tech domain. From search engine to automated cars to smartphones Google has its fingers dipped in all the pies. After exploring all the niche sectors with its technology, it has now stepped into a new area of logistics for ecommerce. Currently Amazon […]

Small Drones Aren’t a Threat to Airplanes If You Don’t Fly Them Near Airports

Written by Jason Koebler ​The Federal Aviation Administration has taken far too long to write and release its commercial drone regulations. So, a lawyer went and wrote some for the agency. Today, a drone trade group called the UAS America Fund and Brendan Schulman, the country’s foremost drone lawyer, filed an official regulatory framework with […]

Senator Feinstein Now Using Safety Concerns To Target The Drone Industry

Gregory S. McNeal Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) announced today that she plans to introduce legislation to codify and expand the moratorium on civilian drones. Feinstein, who is well known for her opposition to drones, is premising her legislation on alleged safety concerns — she previously used alleged privacy concerns to justify her policy positions. In […]

Drone downer: Will new FAA rules ground recreational fliers?

By Alwyn Scott (Reuters) – Americans shopping for toy remote-controlled airplanes or helicopters may find, sometime in the near future, that they come with unexpected accessories: A raft of new regulations. The Federal Aviation Administration, by the end of the month, is expected to propose new rules governing small unmanned aircraft systems, the first major […]

FAA’s Treatment Of Amazon Proves Congress Must Act Or Companies Will Take Drone Research Abroad Inc, has begun utilizing outdoor testing facilities outside the United States and has told the FAA that America’s current regulatory environment will force the company to move more research and development abroad unless substantial progress is quickly made on efforts to integrate drones into the national airspace. Amazon’s statement came in a letter from […]

Private Drones Being Regulated Out of the Sky

By Drew Harwell Dont’ have a pilot license? Don’t think about it. One of America’s most popular consumer drones, the DJI Phantom 2, is surprisingly cheap, lightweight and easy to fly, and lots of wedding photographers, farmers and real estate agents now depend on it for eyes in the sky. But federal rules could soon […]

Drone Lobby Taking Flak from the FAA

by John Sugden on November 26, 2014 The lobbying effort to allow commercial drone use looks set to take a major hit, with the Federal Aviation Administration planning to issue a series of long-awaited regulations as soon as the end of December. And given what the FAA will be proposing, according to a report this […]

Pirker Reversal, FAA Bungling: Where We Are Today With Drones In Ag

By: Matthew J. Grassi Simply put, when TheUnmannedFarmer speaks on drones in agriculture, people tend to shut-up and listen. Robert Blair, the man behind the popular drone-centric blog ( is well-known in precision agriculture circles after becoming the first U.S. farmer to adopt drone technology on his 1500 acre Idaho farm back in 2006. A […]

FAA’s Planned Drone Rules Would Pose Commercial Concerns

Operator Requirements Seen as Increasing Costs for Businesses, Precluding Use for Deliveries By JACK NICAS And ALISTAIR BARR Planned federal rules would likely preclude delivery drones being developed Inc. AMZN -0.18% and Google Inc., GOOGL +0.32% and make some other potential drone uses too expensive for small businesses, industry proponents said. The Federal Aviation Administration […]