Drone operator fined after posting flight videos on YouTube

An Australian man has been fined for breaking aviation safety regulations while flying his drone, but while he wasn’t caught in the act, the man was busted after posting videos of the flights to YouTube. by Claire Reilly   An Australian man has been fined for breaking aviation regulations whilst flying his drone, after authorities […]

U.S. drone rules remain in hangar in 2014

New York | Reuters – The United States missed a year-end deadline for publishing new rules on remote-control aircraft, delaying an eagerly awaited step toward using drones in everything from farming to package delivery. Businesses have been clamouring for rules to allow commercial drone flights, fearing the U.S. is falling behind other countries in developing […]

Drones appear on Jackson City Council’s radar

Dustin Barnes, The Clarion-Ledger 3:52 p.m. CDT September 9, 2014 Drones flying around Jackson – or at least the idea of them – have caught the attention of the City Council who is now pondering how to get ahead of the supposed inevitable occurrence. A proposed ordinance, brought up by Ward 3 Councilwoman Larita Cooper-Stokes, […]

Small Drones Deserve Sensible Regulation

Sensible regulation of small drones would foster innovation and protect privacy By Paul Voss It’s no secret that the United States may be losing its edge in civilian aviation. Nowhere is this more apparent than with small unmanned aircraft, those tiny flying robots that promise to transform agriculture, forestry, pipeline monitoring, filmmaking, and more. While […]

FAA grounds state agency’s toy helicopter

by Associated Press Published: March 19,2013 BILOXI — A toy helicopter the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources planned to use to fly over marshland to monitor invasive species has been grounded. The Federal Aviation Administration said its regulations for a toy helicopter under such circumstances are the same as those for a military predator drone. […]