How Drones Are Already Being Used to Help Save People

rescue drones

 Pete Marovich / Bloomberg via Getty Images file A lifeguard-controlled drone scours for sharks at Seal Beach in Southern California. In Germany, a drone brings a defibrillator to a man on a golf course having a heart attack. And during the floods in Texas this year, drones served up flotation devices to stranded people. While […]

First responders learn how drones can save lives

SARAH HOFIUS HALL Flying overhead, a drone often can see what a firefighter cannot. On Saturday, volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel from 10 departments learned how the technology can help save lives. The free educational seminar was held at Marywood University by DARTdrones, which won the regional TecBridge Business Planning Competition last year. The flight […]

Alabama Drone Task Force sends proposals to Governor

Potential benefits due to agriculture, law enforcement and education were discussed. Continue reading:

Brookings Fire Department to being using new drone to survey emergency situations

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BROOKINGS, South Dakota — A fire department in eastern South Dakota has gone high-tech with a new custom-built drone. The unmanned aircraft will provide Brookings firefighters a panoramic view of structure fires, wildfires and gas leaks. The F450 quadcopter can even be used to search areas in missing person cases or to […]

The Three-Dimensional City: How Drones Will Impact the Future Urban Landscape

by Evan Rawn  Hawkins\Brown’s ‘Romance of the Sky’ proposal for the site of Heathrow Airport features drones – but does the urban design of the proposal accommodate the role of drones in the urban sphere?. Image © Factory Fifteen Many have come to associate drones with the looming unmanned aircraft deployed in the defense industry, but […]

The Drone That Could Save You From Drowning

By Greg Kumparak (@grg) Drones. They’ve earned something of a reputation for being buzzy little floating boxes of annoyance and privacy invasion, and the hordes of people unwrapping them this week and subsequently crashing them into the nearest tree/power line/neighbor’s house probably won’t help. Slowly but surely, though, people are finding truly good, novel uses […]

Drones could change life as we know it in America – once we get over our fear of them

By Jessica Roy @jessica_roy A drone is an unusual choice, as far as Christmas gifts go. But last year, it was exactly what Dave Anderson wanted waiting for him under the tree. Captain Dave Anderson is a naturalist and conservationist who runs whale-and dolphin-watching tours in Dana Point, California. Last year, his wife got him a […]

FDA Cancels Study of How it Can Use Drones to Conduct Inspections

Posted 19 December 2014 By Alexander Gaffney, RAC The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is no longer considering the use of aerial drones to help assist its on-site inspections of facilities, less than 24 hours after initially saying feasibility studies were in the works. As first reported by Regulatory Focus, on 16 December 2014 […]

The Most Beautiful Drone Travel Videos of 2014

  2014 was the year of the aerial drone travel video—here are some of the best of the best By Natasha Geiling – SMITHSONIAN.COM They might have been originally designed for the military, but drones are quickly finding their future in commercial use—from helping conservationists monitor illegal poaching to carrying festive decor in restaurants. They’ve […]

The FAA Won’t Release Drone Regulations Until 2017, Which Is Absurd and a Problem

By Lily Hay Newman Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images It feels like just yesterday that I was writing about Amazon’s impatience with the Federal Aviation Administration’s drone regulatory process. Oh right, that’s becuase it was yesterday. Today there’s bad news for Amazon and all the other companies and individuals that are waiting for the agency’s […]