European Commission Finds Existing Technology Neutral Regulations Adequate For Drone Privacy

Gregory S. McNeal Contributor The European Commission published a comprehensive report evaluating the privacy impact of drones (referred to in the report as RPAS or remotely piloted aircraft systems), finding that Europe’s existing regulatory framework is adequate to address the emergent technology. The 378 page report found that the current European and Member State regulatory […]

Drone Lobby Taking Flak from the FAA

by John Sugden on November 26, 2014 The lobbying effort to allow commercial drone use looks set to take a major hit, with the Federal Aviation Administration planning to issue a series of long-awaited regulations as soon as the end of December. And given what the FAA will be proposing, according to a report this […]

As Drones Swoop Above Skies, Thrill-Seeking Stunts Elicit Safety Concerns

Amateur photographers and Hollywood filmmakers turn to them for lush overhead shots. Geologists use them to look above the seas for oil-bearing rocks. Amazon executives are pushing to use them to plop packages onto doorsteps. But now drones – the unmanned flying vehicles the size of a pizza box – are also a favorite tool […]

Pirker Reversal, FAA Bungling: Where We Are Today With Drones In Ag

By: Matthew J. Grassi Simply put, when TheUnmannedFarmer speaks on drones in agriculture, people tend to shut-up and listen. Robert Blair, the man behind the popular drone-centric blog ( is well-known in precision agriculture circles after becoming the first U.S. farmer to adopt drone technology on his 1500 acre Idaho farm back in 2006. A […]

FAA’s Planned Drone Rules Would Pose Commercial Concerns

Operator Requirements Seen as Increasing Costs for Businesses, Precluding Use for Deliveries By JACK NICAS And ALISTAIR BARR Planned federal rules would likely preclude delivery drones being developed Inc. AMZN -0.18% and Google Inc., GOOGL +0.32% and make some other potential drone uses too expensive for small businesses, industry proponents said. The Federal Aviation Administration […]

Bedroom-bound quadriplegic develops drone to see the world

Stuart Turner, who has spina bifida, uses head movements to pilot the camera-mounted flying device, thousands of miles from his Yorkshire home Photo: DAN ROWLANDS / MERCURY PRESS By Tom Brooks-Pollock, and agencies A quadriplegic man who is confined to his bedroom has used his computing expertise to see the world from his bedroom, by […]

Cal Poly-built drone places 2nd in international competition

BY NICK WILSON  November 24, 2014 Cal Poly’s student team tasked with designing and building a drone for a recent international competition in Montreal had a moment of pure exhilaration upon completing their mission last week — especially since they had to overcome a devastating mishap a few hours earlier.  This video is the […]

Velvet Underground’s John Cale and Liam Young Take Off with New Drone Rock Orchestra in London

As C Net states, the technological program includes a score of drones adorned with feathers, fringy rubbers balls and a 4,000 fake-nail disco suit flew over the heads of hundreds of patrons at London’s Barbican theater. And if the sound of drones couldn’t be more menacing, thus, the latest from the arts project could be a […]

This Drone Could Get To Heart Attack Patients Faster Than An Ambulance

Could drones make better EMTs than humans? Drones have officially made the military-civilian crossover. Now they’re doing everything from delivering pizza to protecting endangered animals from poachers. The latest application: heart attacks. Engineer Alec Momont works at the Technical University of Delft, one of the world’s leading drone research hubs in the Netherlands. This past […]