European Commission Finds Existing Technology Neutral Regulations Adequate For Drone Privacy

Gregory S. McNeal Contributor The European Commission published a comprehensive report evaluating the privacy impact of drones (referred to in the report as RPAS or remotely piloted aircraft systems), finding that Europe’s existing regulatory framework is adequate to address the emergent technology. The 378 page report found that the current European and Member State regulatory […]

Rule: Federal government should limit role in drone regulation

By TROY A. RULE LOS ANGELES TIMES – published Monday, November 24, 2014 For more than half a century, the Federal Aviation Administration has piloted the development of sensible aviation regulation in the United States. Unfortunately, when Congress enacted legislation in 2012 directing the FAA to craft rules for small civilian drones, the agency entered uncharted […]

Warrantless drone ban hovers over Brown’s desk

September 15, 2014 – By James Poulos With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Jerry Brown could set the tone for state-level drone policy. After passing the Assembly and the state Senate, AB1327 will await Brown’s signature until the end of September. Legislation regulating the use of drones by law enforcement has already been proposed or passed in […]

FAA Has Commercial Drone Regulations Backwards

The FAA is investigating New York City realtors who are using drones to document properties. They’ve also issued guidelines saying the use of model aircraft (drones) by farmers is unlawful. The guidance is the next absurd step in the never ending saga of government agencies that can’t figure out how to regulate new technology. The […]