3DR Announces Launch of the Dronecode Foundation


From the beginning 3DR has been committed to open source development. This is the 21st century lesson in innovation: moving fast means moving together. To that end, we’ve proudly supported a vibrant global community of brilliant and selfless developers who over the past seven years have been responsible for some amazing achievements in aerial robotics, not the least of which is the APM/Pixhawk platform that’s […]

North Carolina high school uses drone to live-stream football game

drone football video

A small white object hovered high above the Green Hope field in Cary, N.C. The four propellers looked too delicate to power the device, which fought rain and wind to maintain its position 100 feet above two rival football teams. The game between Green Hope and Middle Creek (Apex, N.C.) was more than just a […]

Drone Video Records Throngs of Hong Kong Protesters

OCT 2, 2014 09:03 AM ET // BY TRACY STAEDTER For five days, tens of thousands of demonstrators have come out into the streets of Hong Kong as part of Occupy Central. The protesters are there to oppose China’s decision to limit the candidates for the city’s next election, which takes place in 2017. The […]