Concerned that tens of thousands Americans will receive small quadcopters as gifts this holiday season, the FAA and industry have teamed to produce educational materials available on a website and in social media channels in an attempt to prevent potential accidents in the air and on the ground. The action comes as industry awaits the FAA’s first […]

Santa Delivering Drones for Christmas Amid Rising Safety Concern

  If you find a drone under the Christmas tree next week, it may also come with a list of U.S. government guidelines for safe flying and even software to keep the device away from airports. Sales of the small, unmanned aircraft are soaring this holiday season, prompting fears that first-time users could accidentally crash […]

Small Drones Aren’t a Threat to Airplanes If You Don’t Fly Them Near Airports

Written by Jason Koebler ​The Federal Aviation Administration has taken far too long to write and release its commercial drone regulations. So, a lawyer went and wrote some for the agency. Today, a drone trade group called the UAS America Fund and Brendan Schulman, the country’s foremost drone lawyer, filed an official regulatory framework with […]

Legal Commercial Drone Use? We’re Inching Closer.

    Drones can and are being used in dozens of ways on the farm. Trouble is, the FAA doesn’t strictly find those commercial uses legal, says John Dillard, an associate lawyer at OFW Law. “The FAA’s position is that any kind of commercial operation is only authorized on a case-by-case basis,” he says. “There’s […]

The FAA Won’t Release Drone Regulations Until 2017, Which Is Absurd and a Problem

By Lily Hay Newman Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images It feels like just yesterday that I was writing about Amazon’s impatience with the Federal Aviation Administration’s drone regulatory process. Oh right, that’s becuase it was yesterday. Today there’s bad news for Amazon and all the other companies and individuals that are waiting for the agency’s […]

Charges dropped against Springfield drone pilot

By Brian Bondus | Staff Writer Charges have been dropped against a Springfield man arrested for flying his drone over a traffic accident this spring, putting a spotlight on the lack of laws and education available for residents and law enforcement to deal with unmanned aerial vehicles. “We were kind of dealing with a unique situation […]

FAA’s Treatment Of Amazon Proves Congress Must Act Or Companies Will Take Drone Research Abroad Inc, has begun utilizing outdoor testing facilities outside the United States and has told the FAA that America’s current regulatory environment will force the company to move more research and development abroad unless substantial progress is quickly made on efforts to integrate drones into the national airspace. Amazon’s statement came in a letter from […]

The robot overhead

After starting their career with the armed forces, drones are now entering civilian life—and creating concerns about safety  The Economist – Technology Quarterly IT IS called an “airborne sidekick” by its Latvian manufacturer, Helico Aerospace Industries. But technically AirDog (pictured above) is a flying robot, or drone. The brightly coloured four-rotor quadcopter autonomously follows at […]

Private Drones Being Regulated Out of the Sky

By Drew Harwell Dont’ have a pilot license? Don’t think about it. One of America’s most popular consumer drones, the DJI Phantom 2, is surprisingly cheap, lightweight and easy to fly, and lots of wedding photographers, farmers and real estate agents now depend on it for eyes in the sky. But federal rules could soon […]