Illinois Farm Bureau adopts resolution supporting UAV use on the farm

Now this is a common sense approach. Resolution 135 to be presented at the 2015 national convention.

We support:
1. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for commercial purposes (i.e., agricultural,
forestry, and other natural resource use).
2. Working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to review the legal and technical issues
related to agricultural UAV use.
3. Reasonable FAA regulations regarding agricultural use and permitting for private and
commercial applications.
4. Requiring the operator of the UAV to gain the consent, in writing, of the landowner or tenant, if
the UAV will be surveying or gathering data above the private property.
5. The development of guidelines for the safe operation of UAVs for all users.
6. Landowners and tenants to be able to fly their fields, for any reason, without it being considered
a commercial activity.
We oppose:
1. Federal, state, and law enforcement agencies using UAVs for the purpose of regulatory
enforcement, litigation, and as a sole source for natural resource inventories used in planning
2. FAA regulations that classify UAVs as fixed-wing aircraft.
3. FAA regulations that require a private pilot’s license and third-class medical certification to
operate UAVs under 55 pounds.

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