America can’t lead the world in innovation if the FAA keeps dragging its feet on drone rules

By Larry Downes October 8 at 7:00 AM As the latest revolutionary digital technology takes off, entrepreneurs are finding themselves battling federal regulators for permission just to experiment with new applications. This time, it’s not the FCC (smartphone apps), the FTC (the Internet of Things), the FDA (genetic testing), the Department of Transportation (driverless cars), […]

A Drone To Watch Over Me

The Nixie wearable drone aims to turn selfies to stalkies. Filming others from afar remains suspect behavior, but it could become less so as drones normalize surveillance by enticing us to record ourselves. A team that includes Stanford post-doctoral researcher Christoph Kohstall, Google technical program manager Jelena Jovanovic, and physicist-filmmaker Michael Niedermayr, along with other […]

Give the dog a drone: Owner exercises his Jack Russell terrier with a Drone

humanitarian drone

Dave Jansen has put ‘drone dog walking’ to the test at a Sydney oval  His Jack Russell terrier was filmed running around with his tail wagging as he tried to chase the quadcopter across the field Mr Jansen said his dog Tyler ‘loved it’ and will consider using it again to get the canine’s energy levels up    […]

Olde But Goode News: Drone Discovers Abandoned Renaissance Fair On Historic Land

Drone video

I said reconnaissance, you bucket of bolts! What care I for meat on a stick? by Carolyn Cox  Monday, October 6th 2014 at 6:30 pm Disclaimer: this story, much like the Renaissance itself, is a little old. But does extreme radness really have an expiration date?According to Roadtrippers, in 1996 elaborate grounds were built for the […]

My ISP Is A Solar-Powered Drone

[Originally published 4/15/2014] Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), the ad-driven search giant, and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), the social connections giant, are fighting over airplane drone technology companies. What’s that all about? Solar-powered drones would, when they’re ready for mass-market in the next five years, be able to fly for weeks or months. They can take 2D and 3D photos […]

Wishlist Report: Drones Rank Number Four


By Menchie Mendoza, Tech Times | October 4, 10:21 AM For the first time, drones are among the top autofill responses on Google. That’s judging from the number of times users have completed the phrase “I want to buy” with the word “drone.” Other responses, which form the top three, reveal the regular favorites such […]

Drone Video Records Throngs of Hong Kong Protesters

OCT 2, 2014 09:03 AM ET // BY TRACY STAEDTER For five days, tens of thousands of demonstrators have come out into the streets of Hong Kong as part of Occupy Central. The protesters are there to oppose China’s decision to limit the candidates for the city’s next election, which takes place in 2017. The […]

Farmers wait for regulations while eyeing drones

Posted by Courtney Ann Jackson – bio | email – Jackson, MS Canton soybean farmer Danny Murphy has embraced technology. That includes GPS guidance for his tractors and instant readings when he’s harvesting. Now, he’s hearing about the benefits of an extra set of eyes, in the form of a drone. “A quick look at […]

‘MAGIC’- Cirque du Soleil’s Drone Coreography

by Markus Waibel September 22, 2014 We’ve seen robots on stage before: Humanoids have been featured in theater productions in Switzerland, Austria, and Japan, and industrial robots have played parts in dance performances and other staged events. Flying robots have also played a theatrical role, for example in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Texas […]

Future Scope: Chris Anderson

The U.S. government is expected to allow commercial drone operations in 2015, which has already helped to spark a burgeoning market for small, cheap robotic aircraft. Chris Anderson, former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, has been at the forefront of the industry, first by starting the popular website, and now as founder and CEO of […]